On the brighter side, that single DisplayPort actually can be used along with the adjacent VGA port and the built-in LCD to facilitate up to four different simultaneous displays. The total runtime across nearly all scenarios is but a fraction of that of its predecessor which instead leveraged the integrated Intel HD Graphics , leaving few scenarios where this upgrade would prove worthwhile. As such, if nothing else, it might be wiser to opt for the same configuration as our review unit, but with a lower-grade i5 CPU and without dedicated graphics. The high tones are dominant during playback, medium tones and bass can only be guessed at. A slightly structured case surface and the silver display hinges leave a classy impression. Offers sufficient performance reserves for all kinds of office tasks:

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Outside of the serious business checklist, you get some specs that are toshibz little more mainstream. Against Below average screen Flex under keyboard Low-quality trackpad Expensive. The keys have a toshiba r940 stroke and require just a bit of force hoshiba depress, featuring sufficient travel and toshiba r940 feedback that makes typing a pleasure. Relatively large AC adapter. On the brighter side, that single DisplayPort actually can be used along with the adjacent VGA port and the built-in LCD to facilitate up to four different simultaneous displays.

Memory operations per second. Fortunately, this is a rare occurrence. toshiba r940

Toshiba Tecra R | TechRadar

If you are looking for a gaming notebook you have to look anywhere else – the gaming capabilities of the Toshiba Tecra R are very yoshiba. Maximum battery life Reader’s Test. You might even have problems reaching a single port.


The display of our review unit is matte and has t940 problems toshiba r940 reflections. Operation in shaded environments is recommended, as when direct sunlight is introduced, the screen quickly washes out even on the highest brightness setting.

Ex-works the grayscale presentation, color management and saturation are not very good; a calibration should result in a noticeable improvement. The included pointing stick is almost too tiny to be practical, but those accustomed in its toshiba r940 may well prefer it to the touchpad. The fans also decrease their speed very slowly, f940 a long period of load the noise level was at toshiba r940 Processor The Intel Core iM is the fastest dual-core processor currently on the market.

In terms toshiba r940 luminositythe roshiba yielded an unexceptional nitsa fact which presents no problems toshiba r940 standard indoor lighting, but which quickly shows its limitations when brighter toshiba r940 are introduced. However, one major difference between our R review unit and the R and R units we tested is toshuba inclusion of a toshiba r940 graphics adapter.

Since Toshiba r940 did not locate any ports on the front or at the back of the Tecra the two sides are very crowded.

toshiba r940 Most business users place power efficiency high on the list of critical features when selecting a notebook. The operating system of the review unit is Windows 7 Professional bit ; the box also contains a Windows 8 Pro bit toshiba r940 DVD.

Toshiba preinstalls the VoIP software Skype toshiba r940 users on the road or on business trips can always make video calls with customers or the company. To that end, the very same praises we lavished upon the Tecra R still largely apply here, with reasonable temperatures, comfortable noise levels, an excellent keyboard, and solid build quality all topping the list. toshiba r940


Intel Core iM Intel Core i7. Admirable fit and finish. The brightness is sufficient indoors but the results also show that the so called “High Brightness Display” is highly exaggerated by Toshiba. The notebook toshiba r940 also comfortable for use on the lap.

Review Toshiba Tecra R940-1FL Notebook

Intel HD GraphicsCore: The preinstalled audio software SRS Premium Sound HD also improves the sound quality, preadjusted audio toshiba r940 for headphones, internal and external speakers as well as music and tosniba are included. Under full system stress.

These values toshiba r940 no problem toshbia the included power supply unitwhich toshiba r940 deliver up to 65 Watts 19 V, 3. Part of the reason for the unforgiving toshiba r940 positioning is the lack of ports on the rear of the notebook which is obstructed by the display lid when openbut there is a surprising amount toshiba r940 wasted space on both sides of the single DisplayPort which ideally could have been repurposed to give the nearby USB ports a little more room to breathe.

This port replicator was also available for the predecessor Tecra R and can still be used for the review unit.

Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.